Schedules for Serving 2019-11-18T05:26:27-08:00

We would like to thank the following people for their commitment to helping us at The Rock.

10.06.2019 Lillian and Renee
10.13.2019 Lillian and Jill
10.20.2019 Lillian and Aly
10.27.2019 Lillian and Bethany
11.3.2019 Annabelle and Zoey
11.10.2019 Lillian and Jill
11.17.2019 Aly, Anabelle and Zoey
11.24.2019  _____ and Jill
12.01.2019 Lillian and Aly
12.08.2019 Renee and Bethany
12.15.2019 Lillian and Jill
12.22.2019 Annabelle and Zoey
12.29.2019 Lillian and Aly


The following folks will be providing dinners for The Rock:

10.06.2019 Kathy and Steve Pace
10.13/2019 Meg and Nelson Goehle
10.20.2019 Teri and Nick Nichols
10.27.2019 Special Family Sunday,
No meal served
11.03.2019 Robbi and Bryan Houser
11.10.2019 Karen and Lantz Berets
11.17.2019 Brianna and Peter Annis
11.24.2019 Special Family Sunday,
No meal served
12.01.2019 Deb and Mel Low
12.08.2019 Robbi and Bryan Houser
12.15.2019 Kristi and Jim Larson
12.22.2019 Kathy and Steve Pace
12.29.2019 Special Family Sunday,
No meal served

If you are scheduled to serve but cannot do so, please try to make an exchange with another scheduled server. If that’s not possible contact Deb Low at 360-357-4773.  If you see an opening you can fill, please either call Deb or email us at  Thanks for your ministry!